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  • 13/02/2017   12:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Digital Transformation. IoT.  Platform businesses. Anything “as a service”.  Omni-channel and digital payments. So many buzzwords and so much confusion. Crafting the right mix of business strategies, partners, technologies, and processes requires fresh thinking, new skills, and pragmatic approaches.
This conference is aimed at finance, business, and IT leaders looking for practical insights into today’s digital business challenges. 
13 sessions that go beyond the hype and into the critical success factors around key topics like digital commerce, payments, subscription billing, CPQ, PSD2 and GDPR, blockchain, and winning monetization strategies.

New Business Models

This is a must-attend event for companies adopting new monetization models.

Industry Case Studies

Share  your clients' in-depth case studies or executive interviews

Who Should Attend?

VP’s /Directors of Finance, IT, and Operations


Sharpen your edge - Join MGI Research, 15 industry experts, and your peers for an afternoon of case studies, best practices, and independent perspectives.

  • Agile Monetization Scenario + Digital Business Outlook

    MGI Research

  • Digital Payments and Commerce Scenario

    MGI Research

  • Subscriptions – Why Now? How Now?

    Spotlight Interview w/Zuora: Moving to a subscription business model is about more than just billing.  This session will describe the business case and detail the roadmap for joining the so-called subscription economy.

  • The Subscription Model Dream – Making It Real

    CEO Interview with Timo Zuidgeest - Founder, CEO of Subscription Factory, Europe’s leading subscription billing integrator.  Mr. Zuidgeest will share real-world experiences and best practices from over 40 subscription billing projects.

  • Enabling Marketplaces and Digital Partners

    Over 40% of online sales will be via marketplaces by 2020.  And yet, the process of creating new business models, on-boarding partners, managing risk and fraud, and delivering a seamless on and off-line customer experience is poorly understood. Nicolas Vedrenne, Chief Business Development Officer of Safecharge, details the what is required for making marketplaces and omni-channel commerce a success.

  • Regulatory Muscles in Brussels – An Insider’s View

    In-depth interview with Diederik Bruggink, Sr. Advisor Payments at European Savings and Retail Banking Group and World Savings and Retail Banking Institute, appointed as independent member of PaySquare SE, and board of European Payments Council
    The regulatory environment is changing dramatically, making it hard for finance, IT and operations teams to stay up to date.  Expert Diederik Bruggink will share his views on the biggest impact of PSD2 and GDPR, and recommendations for what internal and external actions are required to stay on top of the regulatory tsunami.

  • Blockchain – Practical Tips to Avoid The Next Tulip Mania

    Expert Interview with Ivo Luijendijk, Industry Director, Data analytics, IoT, and Blockchain at ATOS. Beyond the hype of blockchain and digital currencies, real-world projects are taking place today.  This case study interview considers a variety of use cases for blockchain, and what resources, skills, and investments are needed for success.

  • Case Study – Business Model Transformation

    Interview with TOPdesk CEO Wolter Smit. Making the move to “as a service” is a “bet your business” decision.  CEO Smit shares the challenges and hidden opportunities uncovered in the process of transforming a high-growth software company.

  • Fresh Thinking on Full Service Commerce

    Panel with AskNet CEO Tobias Kaulfuss and Casey Potenzone, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexway
    Seamless customer experience – sounds easy. And yet, getting the right mix of technology, cost-effective financial partners, and integration with enterprise systems is a challenge.  Two industry veterans discuss the trade-offs of build vs buy, legacy systems, and innovative approaches to taking your commerce global.

  • Beyond Billing – Accelerating Time to Market

    Panel discussion with Jim Messer, CEO goTransverse and Marko Fliege, CEO Just.On, and David Meyer, CEO Opencell. Faster time to market requires an agile infrastructure – especially in billing. CEOs Messer and Fliege will provide a supplier’s view of how billing projects can translate into business success – and what’s required to deliver transformational results.

  • Monetizing Every Customer Touchpoint

    CEO Interview with AcceptEasy CEO.
    Customer touchpoints are multiplying as new channels and form factors gain popularity. Extending sales and commerce reach to these new touchpoints is difficult from a business and systems perspective.  AcceptEasy CEO Peter Kwakerknaak discusses new techniques for monetizing where the customer is.

  • Data Monetization – New Revenue Source or Mission Impossible?

    Expert Interview with Bas Schrover.
    Boards of directors are demanding “Monetize the Data”. Easier said than done. Complications and regulations abound.  This interview with data monetization expert Bas Schrover will provide tangible touchpoints and guidelines for enterprises seeking more value from data while staying within the business and regulatory requirements.

  • The War on Talent – Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

    Expert Interview with Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, Payments and Cards Network
    Executives capable of leading the monetization charge are increasingly in-demand. Where can top talent be found? What are appropriate compensation packages? How can executives market their experience in today’s digital economy? An executive recruiter shares his experience.

  • 03:30 pm - 03:51 pm
    The Next Generation of eCommerce & Payment Technologies

    Keynote Presentation from Matthijs Koorn, Head of Payments and eCommerce Research, MGI Research

  • 03:51pm - 04:06 pm
    A World Tour of Global Payments

    Expert Interview with Joe Emig, VP Business Development, Payvision

  • 04:06 pm - 04:21 pm
    Blockchain: Ready for Prime-Time in Monetization?

    Case Study with Dickson Chu, Global Head of Portfolio Mgmt, BBVA

  • 04:21 pm - 04:36 pm
    Rethinking the eCommerce and Payments Industry

    Expert Interview with Trevor Black, co-founder Comecero

  • 04:36pm - 04:57 pm
    Keynote: Monetization Market Outlook

    Igor Stenmark, Managing Director, MGI Research

  • 04:57 pm - 06:30 pm
    Closing Remarks &
    Networking Cocktail Reception
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